F1 kittens

the breeding of hybrid cats has been discontinued

What F1 bengal cat is?
F1 cat is a hybrid cat, first generation of crossbreeding asian leopard cat and a domesticated bengal cat. Breed itself was originally bred of little predator – asian leopard cat (ALC) and american shorthair cat. All males out of this link are infertile, that is why they are sold only as pets. Females are fertile and are offered exclusively for breeding.
Why do we breed F1 bengal cats?
Why do we breed F1 cats when bengal breed was already bred? The reason is, of course, the efforts to improvement. Over time the painting was improved at domesticated bengals, from the spots to beautiful, dark-rounded rosettes. On the other hand, the type of wild asian leopard cat disappear from the domesticated bengals. F1 cats with rosetted painting, small rounded ears, small and strong tail, strong chin and nice narrow profile are my dreams and goals. It is neccessary to choose bengals with beautiful painting, exclusively rosetted cats to mate with ALC. Then there is hope that dreams and resolutions will come true….

What are F1 kittens like?
In many ways they are similar as other kittens, but of course they do have specifics.
The F1 kittens start to sizzle very soon after they are born, when they can´t distinguish smell or voice or when they want to express their displeasure. After they open their eyes, they don´t sizzle as much as in the first days, they quickly learn to recognize who or what is getting close to them. Kittens have much stronger clutches and teeth than „normal“ kittens of the same age. They are also much louder when they are calling mum or us. In 5 weeks of age they start to drink water from bowl, tasting wet food, start to use cat toilet. They discover objects in their range, we have to remove all of electric wires from the computer, lamp, etc. They also can climb to low scratcher. They bite everything they find. In the age of 9 weeks they are vaccinated for the first time, of course with very loud protest. But they handle it without any negative reaction. In this phase F1´s diet consists of raw meat, wet food for cats without grain, dry food for cats without grain and of course the breast milk. Kittens can climb up to the chairs, table, windowsill, but also up to our backs when they think the food preparation lasts too long. They get their microchips and EU passport during the second vaccination. The kittens try to secrete into their bowl with water. Some breeders uses this “urge” and they teach kittens to secrete into the water in toilet. We don´t support this behavior of F1 kittens, we teach them to secrete solely into cat toilet with clumping litter.

Our first F1 kittens are in their new homes for long time already. We stay in touch with new owners because we want to see kittens development and their behaviour. Now we can say with certain that the kittens incorporated to new pack very fast just like domesticated bengal kittens. We also checked that F1 kittens can handle travelling by plane and car.

What to prepare for?
F1 kitten needs a lot of love, patience and tolerance. They do have wild blood in their veins after all. We breed kittens at home, we introduce them to regular voices of household, we take them to our hands, fondle them, teach them to right habits. Yet they are very active, need a lot of initiative for games and their mental development. F1s can be very stubborn and it is difficult to talk out their plan sometimes. The best is to redirect their plan to preferable activity. F1s love water, and not just for drinking but they like to play with it. It is possible that F1 will use water (bath, sink) also as toilet. ALC uses flowing water or leaves as toilet in nature. That is why we can see similar behaviour in case of their offsprings, it is the matter of natural instincts and so this is not uncleanliness or error in education. It seems advantageous to F1 have animal friend. F1 is loyal to its person, does not like to be alone. I´m sure that you get as much love as you give in return.

Please, find out if breeding of F1s is allowed in your country before you contact us. Every country has its own laws and it is impossible for us to know legaslation in this matter of every country. Every kitten of our cattery is gonna be sent with all required documents and permission. Our breed is officially allowed, we do have all registration. F1 kittens are registrated in TICA database